Friday, January 25, 2008

You REALLY dont have any KOB'S?

By K.O.B's I mean macros. And the answer to that question is we don't.

That was a conscientious decision I made when I started handling the beer list. I wanted to put the best product possible into the hands of our guests. Sure, there are a few looks of disbelief. But all in all, the move has worked out for us.

There are 3 reasons people generally carry beers of said ilk.

1. People think they have to.
2. Most restaurants commit their efforts to food and wine. And say "Bupkis" to the beer.
3. They depend on those "cost effective" brands to cover/help improve their costs

Here at the Times we don't subscribe to any of those theories

There are a million options out there. For every macro, there is a micro brewer out their putting his heart into a "gateway" beers. A beer that would be an easy option for someone whose palette is conditioned to macro's. But with subtle differences to make their beer stand out. Slowly beckoning the drinker to the world of hops and exotic fermentations.

When I initially approached David about "thinning out" our macros, he agreed. It's another service that we can offer our guests. We have rounded the best beers we can find and put them in front of you for a reason. Someone here.....Loves that beer. They can tell you where its from the name of the brewer and some go as far as learning the number of hands working on their production line.

Putting this list together is a promise, to spend the time opening, sipping, quaffing and imbibing the myriad of delicious beers so you, the guest will have the very best products available. There isn't much I love more than turning a guest onto 300 yr. old brewery that every bottle is hand corked. Or a Double IPA from just down the street that will make your hands shake.

From a Stout made in Sri Lanka to an Imperial Pilsner from Apex, we try ALL of them. Why? I love to do it. The joy in the job is tasting a great brew that is steeped in history and is made with love ounce by ounce. Its talking to the brewer and hearing what he was thinking when he wrote the recipe or what he wanted to make out of this mess of hops, malt and water.

We search high and low, making phone calls to far away breweries to ensure we have the products that beer snobs and gen pop alike will find interesting and exciting. So next time you are in, ask us whats new and I will gladly find you something you'll love.


initialdrew said...

Well said CP...well said. Hopefully others will follow suit to help persuade their customers to "real beer". It's time to make people start thinking about their choices in life instead of allowing them to becoming creatures of habit.

Davidtime said...

Well there you have it. If you want a rice beer have one that is committed to it. The next beer I will be blogging is Great Divides Samurai Rice.
Hey initialdrew would you like to stop by and go through a power beer blog? Pick any five you want, e-mail me and I'll get them in. Cheers

Winifred St. Jay said...

it is true. each and every beer style is like a tree. the basic components that make it unique form the trunk. they are fundamental and the ripples in variation form the bark that gives it its outward appearance.

from the trunk, branches form and move outward into more specific style variations. and at the ends of these twigs, you find the defining beauty of a single beer.

like david said, a rice beer can be anything from an american macro-lager to something brewed with rice in mind, like samurai. it's one thing to use something as an adjunct. but it's beautiful when a brewer has enough passion to build a beer around an ingredient. for that reason, when someone orders a bud light, i feel honored and privileged to offer them a kolsch in stead.

when they ask me why, i can simply say...if you're drinking to get wasted, do shots. if you're drinking for enjoyment, slow down, take some time and drink a beer with history and passion behind it. bud and miller need not apply. true pilsner my tochas!

god, i love beer.

Ben said...

NICE CALL TIMES CREW!!!! i love this move!
p.s. nice blog.