Thursday, June 12, 2008

champagne beer

there will always be the debate about beer versus wine and so forth. some leather-elbowed schmuck will forever decry the virtues of wine and spit at the idea of "good beer". the belgians, in their typical "what? we're not supposed to do that?" way, have created several beers that are brewed in the typical fashion of their style, then shipped to the Champagne region of France to undergo further maturation and fermentation using the methode champanoise. we have two! Malheur Dark Brut and DeUs. both are beautiful with the tiniest hint of champagne yeast and millions of tickly bubbles.

and we also have the OTHER champagne beer.

Miller High Life!

PBR is hard to come by from the distro right now, so for a limited time, we throw a bone to the burdgeoning connoisseurs out there and offer you the FIRST champagne of beers. drink it up!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


nothing makes a bartender happier than looking at the clock with a mop in hand and realizing that the night was a huge success, the deposit is dead-on and the beer is waiting at a darkened table. nothing, that is, except for maybe sweeping changes to an already heralded menu. so join me in a rousing "hell yes!" as the Times unveils an expanded food and drink menu this week!

all those intricately-designed specials that Corey cooked up over the past year are now residing permanently on the menu. if you haven't had the bean cakes...get thee to a table and notify the server that you have been thusly COMMANDED to eat them. whoa.

as for beer? well, you just have to come in and see. this week, our illustrious beer troll arranged the new comers in the cellar and started stocking the cooler with such beers as Dupont Avril, Vuuve and Rose de Cambrinus. you may call him chris powers, but we call him dedicated beer monkey boy.

come out and check it out!