Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lebanon Pilsener that is.

Beer: Brasserie Almaza Pilsener Beer
Origin: Lebanon
Style: European Style Pilsener
ABV: 4.1% (I think)
Misc: Pilsener is an alternate spelling of Pilsner.
Tasting Notes:
Almaza pours as you would expect a pilsener with a simple head and this fell pretty quickly. The aroma is clean and only seems to have a little malt and apple with notes of lemon. Carbonation is lower than I expected however works well as this beer is clean and crisp with only a small bite of acid. Onto the finish is a little musty apple core and reminds me a little of apple seeds. I am not downing that as I find it quite interesting so far. The length of the finish is dry and very refreshing with only a little hops way back there. What a nice surprise, many imported beers of this style never really impress me much but I think on hot days I would reach for this beer quite a bit. Also as many of you know we are not carrying many macros these days and this might just be the beer for that style. I am going to score this one at an 88 just because the style is done to death but Almaza does it very well. Look for it on the list sometime in the near future.

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