Tuesday, January 22, 2008


while this quick post says nothing about mouthfeel and aroma, it will touch on a really important aspect of beer from belgium and germany. all them fancy CUPS!

i've realized in my few years of beer-dorkery that the glassware not only complements the beer perfectly when joined, but also serves as basic eye-candy for people who are not sure which beer to have. it's like the powers that be figured out that while the beer may stand on its own, a nice glass will create that feeling of individuality that draws people in. and it's true.

holding up a Triple Karmeliet glass is like holding up a remnant of the Holy Grail. people look at it and study the frosted fleur motif. i pour the beer directly from the bottle and they watch, rapt and attentive...sometimes drooling, as it rises to the exact point it should.

and i think that's important. i'll drink an IPA out of a pint glass, because that's where i feel that it belongs. i'll have a saison out of a shortened-pilsner glass...but have glassware with the thought and history installed into it's design, and it rules!


Davidtime said...

Indeed glassware is important. Some beers like wine reveal so much more in the correct glass. Sometimes it is marketing however when it's clever it most certainly does enhance the experience. Ask a Gaffel Kolsch drinker what glass they prefer.

initialdrew said...

Jay, you've encouraged me to appreciate the idea of glassware. I'm accumulating quite a collection. Geuze Boon, unibroue, feuillien, weihenstephaner, and karmeleit thus far. God bless Sam's and their 2.99 a glass policy.

Winifred St. Jay said...

sweet! i picked up a really nice Pierre Celis Grotten glass in asheville...maybe i'll bring it in someday. as long as you don't have lip herpes, we can share. it'll be cute.