Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Rush and a Push

i woke up today and saddled up. lots to do much to do lots to do. i clothed myself and tried to tame the hair on my head, and oddly, the only thing i could think of was Valeir Extra.

truthfully, i did manage to get my teeth brushed before my eyes lifted to the heavens and my stare pierced the middle-distance. but after that, i remembered in a rush how the delicate hop-spiciness of the beer swirled itself around my tongue like a sensuous wisp of wet sexiness.

i started painting walls, one of which was orange. in the light, it almost resembled my date from last night. and then i started staring out into the nothingness all over again.

if you'd like to become a nuissance to passersby and start gazing wistfully out at the world while dreaming of about a dream...have a drink.

we have it, and it's called Valeir Extra.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long Time Coming

slack is as slack does, and i've been so slack that i've become slack at even being slack. dang!

here's the newest news straight from the mouf of me. no smoking. not even in the bathroom. we are so non-smoking now that we only have three ashtrays for emergencies and special "last-wishes" requests for dying passersby. it's pretty sweet. but now i can smell again and sometimes that's a curse...especially if you live where i live.

in other news, it's COLD outside. well, it certainly isn't warm, at least. i mean, if i were naked on the street and not being chased down benny hill style, i'd say certain parts would be best served covered. and in response to aforementioned small numbered temperatures, i'd like to offer a suggestion for adult libationary relaxation!

drink all of the st. bernardus abt. 12 you can find! the fine juxtaposition between malt and dark brewers sugar is a divine union that can only be described as holy. we have lots of it...for now.