Saturday, January 19, 2008

D'Orval Tasting

Beer: Orval

Origin: Florenville - Villers-d.-Orval, Belgium

Style:Belgian Trappist Ale


Tasting Notes:

Orval pours a nice amber color with a loose white head. The beer starts with a fruity nose of bananas and apricot. The mouth feel is almost medium bodied and has a distinct Belgian attack. Coming on the mid palate has some good fruit esters and the hops start strong near the transition to the finish. The beer has a good long finish of mineral and chalk while the hops continue to build throughout the length. I rate the beer at about 88-89 points while Chris rates the beer over 90-92. Chris mentions that the beer gives him the impression of a Belgian pale ale while I like more balance of malt. It is noted that this beer is known to be one of the driest of the Trappist styles. We like it.

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