Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saison de...saaaaaay!

so mark and galen of aviator brewing; together with david from the times and everyone's favorite funny-man come GM of the pit, lee robinson, got together a few weeks ago and brewed up something fantastic.

they stirred wort, they stared into the darkness as foam rose in a threatening hot-break. sweat streamed from faces and gauges were thumped and twiddled for hours and hours before the resulting sweet water was laid to rest in a giant fermenter made from an old dairy tank.

the result? saison de aviator royale. now on draught at the times and ONLY at the times. i honestly feel like i've been kissed on the forehead by a cute little booze cherubim. really? yes. really. holy cow, holy cow and holy cow.

saaz, northern brewer! rochefort 10 yeast! coriander at boils end and a healthy dose of imaginative nurturing and now you get to drink it. it's good. it's quenching. i feel like a mill-worker when i sit down to have a sip. it's been a hard day and the sun has sapped my energy. the first thing i want to do when the horn sounds is have a beer...and this is THE beer for me.

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