Wednesday, August 20, 2008

photos of my own personal dreamland

and oddly enough, that dreamland is the raleigh times bar.

i know, i know...many of you can be heard saying "but jay, you work there. how can it possibly fulfill dreams for you?" to which i should be noted as shouting in response, "because it is my favorite place to be whether working or just talking about beer and thinking about beer and studying beer and dissecting beer and dreaming about what beer should end up on the tap-line next!"

and so the other day, i was playing around with my 50mm and 85mm lens' and found that if you unmount them, turn them around and shoot that way, you get an almost macro effect. with the 50mm lens, i took the pic of the masthead piece on our tap tower. the other is just an ethereal photo done the same way with the other lens. it's a shimmering glass of Ertveld Witte by Pierre Celis.

all i know is that if Pierre Celis and Richard Avedon would be my grandfather's, i'd be pretty stoked!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting effect. I like these pictures.