Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jager Obama anyone?

it's true. our future president swung through the times bar lasterday like a politician through alaska. it was crowded to say the least!

it was a mitzvah!

in other news! we have powered our dead taste-buds through the avery maharaja IPA and are now tapping the Schneider-Brooklyn Hopfen Weisse. this is the Schneider interpretation of the same yeast-base and hop choice and it is DELICATE. like a flowah! delicious and yeasty, yet pale, golden and affirmative on the tongue. i plan on drinking several tonight before they hop a boat back to germany.


MelanieNYC said...

You got to serve the man a beer? I'm SO jealous!!! How awesome!!!

Les Stewart said...

Well, damn, I had a perfect chance at both, and I missed both events. Obama and the Maharaja! I feel so foolish.