Monday, May 19, 2008

Belgium Bound!

So its finally here.........the trip I have been waiting for. I will be travelling to Belgium this Tuesday May 20th. I am fortunate enough to be going with some fellow beer lovers and will have a ball. Here is our itinerary as it stands and I plan on updating the blog as we travel!

*Huyghe Brewery Thursday May 22
-Take train from Airport to Gent St Peters train station. Bus will pick us up and take us to the brewery from there.

-Lunch at 1:00PM at the brewery.

-Tasting of 20 beers.

-Visit of Gent and specialty beer bars.

-Dinner in Gent with the brewery.

*Van Honsebrouck Brewery Friday May 23

-Brewery Tour

-Visit the Chateau and lunch at the Chateau.

-Have a beer at the local pub next to the brewery

-Tour some typical/traditional Belgian pubs in the area. (i.e. get lost/drunk)

-Dinner with the brewery

-Visit the new Van Honsebrouck pub in Gent.

*Het Anker Brewery Saturday May 24

-Brewery tour starts at 11:00AM

-12:30 Lunch

-Tour around Mechelin and visit of typical pubs

- Dinner at typical rustic local restaurant/Pub around Mechelin

*Sunday May 25

-Free day! Probably Brugge!!

-On Sunday evening we have a dinner at Brasserie Carolus at 7:00PM.

Its going to be an amazing time and like I said, I will attempt to update the blog frequently with pictures and stories of the misadventures.


JP said...

Brugge is very cool. There is a brewpub there you can visit, to knock off another brewery - and it has a great tower view of the town:

Also, as unlikely as it seems, this hostel has a very cool bar with 25 Belgian brews available and very reasonable prices (the clientele are backpackers, after all):

Winifred St. Jay said...

my little powers is all grown up! listen to mama nicole, too...condoms can save your life in more than one way. you can use them as floatation devices in case the boat goes south.