Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Rush and a Push

i woke up today and saddled up. lots to do much to do lots to do. i clothed myself and tried to tame the hair on my head, and oddly, the only thing i could think of was Valeir Extra.

truthfully, i did manage to get my teeth brushed before my eyes lifted to the heavens and my stare pierced the middle-distance. but after that, i remembered in a rush how the delicate hop-spiciness of the beer swirled itself around my tongue like a sensuous wisp of wet sexiness.

i started painting walls, one of which was orange. in the light, it almost resembled my date from last night. and then i started staring out into the nothingness all over again.

if you'd like to become a nuissance to passersby and start gazing wistfully out at the world while dreaming of about a dream...have a drink.

we have it, and it's called Valeir Extra.

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