Thursday, June 12, 2008

champagne beer

there will always be the debate about beer versus wine and so forth. some leather-elbowed schmuck will forever decry the virtues of wine and spit at the idea of "good beer". the belgians, in their typical "what? we're not supposed to do that?" way, have created several beers that are brewed in the typical fashion of their style, then shipped to the Champagne region of France to undergo further maturation and fermentation using the methode champanoise. we have two! Malheur Dark Brut and DeUs. both are beautiful with the tiniest hint of champagne yeast and millions of tickly bubbles.

and we also have the OTHER champagne beer.

Miller High Life!

PBR is hard to come by from the distro right now, so for a limited time, we throw a bone to the burdgeoning connoisseurs out there and offer you the FIRST champagne of beers. drink it up!

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greg gory said...

I've had this stuff where I work at the "Map Room" here in Chicago. They aren't selling in your region yet but you should check out Three Floyds (I recommend the Alpha King, Gumballhead, and on that one week of the year the Dark Lord); and Lagunitas (I can't stop drinking the Maximus). I think you can get both from these guys. Cheers!