Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music for Drinking Beer (pt. 1)

oh rainy days. waking up without responsibility or requirement; just the gentle insistent tapping of perfectly-spaced raindrops on the bedside window. my curtains give the light a green ocean-foam mist and after stocking the fridge with my nights "events", i pulled my chair luxuriously in front of the iTunes machine.

Fleet Foxes. all the best harmony and qualities of a latter-day Big Star production. buzzing guitar strings, tambourine buried so deep in the mix it almost sounds like the rain buzzing. the voice of a touched angel, azraelic in its ability to raise itself from a stroking syllable into an insistent and begrudginly-holy wail. it grabs the instrumentation by the 6th-notes and pulls it up a half-stride behind and then both spiral like spring samaras back to earth on a puff of breeze. there is, indeed, a wind that none can feel; driving the calculations, emotions and wayward glances of the world. this may just be it.

and right now, i'm having a nice glass of Kasteel Donker. it is the base of Kasteel Brune and right now, it is pulling me up and up, at a relaxing tack, into the beauty of the rest of the evening.


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