Saturday, February 2, 2008

McChouffe a slam?

We have 3 new additions to the cellar stash. We just got McChouffe 750ml's, Bells Hopslam, and Allagash Black. All of these beers are very limited amounts.
I fell in love with Hopslam! on first quaff. It smells like driving through the Cascade Valley with the windows down. And when you pack that much aromatic hops into a single beer, you know there will be some alcohol to boot. This one is brewed with honey so as not to complicate the flavor with maltiness.
McChouffe is a Belgian-Style Brown ale. It has the warm round malt-iness of an American Brown Ale and finishes with the funky fermentation taste of a Belgian Classic.
Allagash Black. Most people on the East Coast have tasted Allagash White. The shining beacon of sanity in a world full of orange and lemon flavored counterfeits. Well this is Brewer Rob Todds' foray into the world of dark beer. Well more likely pitch black beer. Its the brewery's first mass marketed move into the world of Stout. And as with the rest of their beers, you wont be disappointed.

All of these beers are in limited supply so they arent on the list. You'll have to ask a bartender for details.


Winifred St. Jay said...

at around 9.4% abv, this is DIPA with some background in butt kicking. and you know? despite the ever-present threat of a too much buzz too quick, i had a taste of this beer last night from a generous patron who wanted me to try it.

lots of that piney, uric-acid aroma on the initial nose drop. malty and almost borderline metallic on the first sip and then smooth american hops for the rest of the ride.

i'll need to sit down with a full bottle soon and enjoy it. i also would imagine that this is best served slightly chilled and not cooler-cold. man oh man.

i sold 12 of them last night!

initialdrew said...

Now just one more year until the first real lambic from Allagash.